autoinstall-openbsd-on-qemuUnattended installation of OpenBSD on the QEMU virtual machine monitor.17 months
blogMy personal website weeks
brckA simple bit rot checker for legacy file systems.8 weeks
html5-skeletonA simple HTML5 skeleton.24 months
jotpassA BSD utility to generate random passwords suitable for handwriting.11 days
openbsd-installisoAn OpenBSD utility to create custom ISO 9660 installation images for unattended ...2 months
parseqA parallel sequential iterator for Rust.6 weeks
shellpassA minimalist password manager for OpenBSD's Korn shell.11 days
ssh-tmuxA utility to execute long-running interactive remote commands.24 months
temp-postgresA utility to run the PostgreSQL server off a temporary data directory.11 days
wpa-pskA command-line utility and Rust library to compute the WPA pre-shared key of a W...2 months
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